Defining Total Cost of Ownership

Defining Total Cost of Ownership

For over 30 years Datanet has been supporting businesses Nationally to invest in the right devices and solutions for their individual needs, saving businesses both time and money.

Throughout these thirty years business owners and managers have gleaned valuable insights from Datanet on how to best understand and calculate the Total cost of Ownership (TCO) of devices across their projects.

Do you know your TCO on your devices?

The Total cost of Ownership (TCO) consists of the following costs:

  • Acquisition/Physical Hardware Costs
  • Operating Costs
  • Personnel Costs

It sounds pretty simple, yet the TCO of a mobility solution is often ignored when consumer grade Android and Apple devices are used for line of business applications.

Mobility solutions are mission critical and can provide you with dramatic savings, yet many business are throwing their savings away through poor device choice.

One of the major hidden costs is the Lost Opportunity Cost when a device failure occurs.

Device failures result in:

  • Field staff being out of action
  • The IT support team (and often the purchasing team) being in action working overtime to fix the issue.

What a lot of business aren’t aware of when it comes to consumer grade Android and Apple devices is, consumer grade devices:

  1. Are proven to have higher device failure rates;
  2. Have shorter life cycles; and
  3. Often the operating system is only supported for 3 years.

All of these issues force the customer to replace their solution sooner and to incur the considerable costs that replacing a fleet of devices puts onto their business.

Plus, using unsupported devices puts your business at risk of unpatched operating systems that are no longer protected from malware and other threats.

What is the solution?

Rugged vendors like Zebra understand TCO.

Their new range of Android devices now offer a 5YR+5YR support option offering the same hardware configuration availability for 5 years, plus 5 years of device and operating system support, after the device is discontinued.

The result…

You can use the solution with the confidence you won’t have to replace the device in just 2 or 3 years (the replacement timeframe of consumer grade devices).

As a business you can take control and plan on replacing over a 5 to 10 year period knowing you have back-up. Saving you and your business both time and money.

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Local plumber loses $20,000 in van break-in…

Did you know…
Plumbing Businesses are losing money and profits everyday through equipment theft, unauthorised vehicle use, fuel card exploitation and more!


After having their van broken into and more than $20,000 in equipment stolen last week, a local plumbing company phoned the Police.

Then they phoned Datanet!

They wanted to know…

Q: How can Datanet help us (a medium-sized Plumbing business) to track down our assets and vehicles in the future?

(i.e. How can we stop losing money and time?!)

A: As an asset tracking and field service company, that is what we do!

Datanet assists field service companies to track high value assets, trailers and excavators with real time tracking solutions. 

… Solutions and job despatch systems that also remove paperwork, enabling them to make their business’s and staff more efficient.

Unfortunately, theft in the plumbing industry is not new, but there are solutions available that can be deployed within days to deliver immediate Returns on Investment to your business.


Next week (17 August 2017) Datanet and Dialog are hosting a 2-hour event for business owners and managers who want to learn more about EFFICIENT FIELD SERVICE AND TELEMATICS, and how choosing the best solution:

  • Increases your profits
  • Lowers your running costs
  • Improves staff productivity
  • Builds efficiency
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Reduces Overtime
  • Enhances your customer service levels

To attend the upcoming Vehicle Telematics event:

RSVP here.

And / Or 

To request a demo contact your Datanet Consultant today.

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This event will showcase…

TomTom Telematics job despatch system for 3 or more field staff; and

Microsoft Dynamics 365, the next generation of intelligent field service applications that enable your business to grow, evolve and transform.

***Either solution can be deployed within days to deliver immediate Returns on Investment to your business.

Hear from the experts and see for yourself how…

47,000 companies worldwide are
saving more than 16% in vehicle running costs,
improving safety and
delivering premium service to their customers.

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Field Service and Fleet Management Summit

Field Service and Fleet Management Summit 2017

Event: Field Service and Fleet Management Summit

Need to manage your field services team more efficiently?
Customer Service needs improvement?
Real time response important to your business?

Join us at our upcoming Field Service and Fleet Management Summit showcasing the most advanced technology on the market today saving businesses both time and money.

See how 47,000 companies worldwide are increasing profits, saving more than 16% in vehicle running costs, improving safety and delivering premium service to their customers.

Date: Thursday, 17 August 2017
Time: 3.30pm – 5.30pm
Cost: FREE
Location: South Terrace, Adelaide SA
Hosted by: Datanet and Dialog

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About the hosts:

The Field Service and Fleet Management event is a joint collaboration between Datanet and Dialog.


DATANET offers complete integrated tracking solutions, from your initial idea through to detailed specifications, installations, and support management.

A cornerstone of Datanet’s success is the depth of knowledge and versatility that has been built over 30 years of developing and working in the enterprise mobility industry.

Datanet and TomTom Telematics

As a Certified Partner of TomTom Telematics, Datanet is available to discuss the productivity needs and solutions for individual business and the benefits of integrating the industry leading WEBFLEET® by TomTom Telematics.

Field_Service_and_ Fleet_Management_Summit_Dialog

Dialog is Australia’s leading privately owned information technology services organisation employing over 1,200 consultants nationwide.

Dialog’s services range from strategic IT consulting through full lifecycle application development and managed application services to long-term operational support.

Dialog and Microsoft Dynamics

As a Gold Certified Partner, Dialog builds innovative solutions using Microsoft’s platforms and products.

Dialog’s Microsoft trained consultants are proficient in using all Microsoft products (e.g CRM, NAV, AX, Field Service) as well, the latest Microsoft .Net framework, SharePoint, Exchange and SQL Server.


TomTom Australia

Driving Business Through Technology

Datanet are pleased to announce that they have recently added TomTom Australia to their prestigious list of Partners.

TomTom Telematics is one of the world’s leading solution providers with more than 700,000 subscriptions worldwide.  TomToms’s commitment to continuous innovation and relentless focus on quality has made them the market leader.

TomTom is a name that is well known in Australia however not everyone realises the full potential of the solution.

The open API of TomTom Telematics enables the analytics of TomTom to be integrated into office, in-vehicle or mobile applications which is where the synergy between TomTom and Datanet is most effective.

Datanet have been enabling their customers to drive efficiency through technology for over 30 years.

With the inclusion of TomTom Telematics our clients will experience the benefit of being able to capture additional data from in and around the vehicle, such as temperature sensors, tyre pressure, barcode scanning and RFID.

Benefits to Businesses deploying TomTom integrated solutions include: –

Reduction of fuel, maintenance and insurance costs;

Efficiency in Logbook and Fringe Benefits Reporting;

Reduction in Carbon Emissions;

Transparency and insight in driving time and behaviour.

TomTom Telematics enables businesses to future proof, protecting their business and their employees.

For further information or to organise a demonstration contact your local Datanet expert today.

World First IECEx, ATEX and UL Zone 1 Windows Tablet

Datanet appointed Authorised Reseller of the World First IECEx, ATEX and UL Zone 1 Windows Tablet

Datanet are pleased to announce that they have been appointed as an Authorised Reseller of the World First IECEx, ATEX and UL Zone 1 Windows 10 Tablet by Aegex Technologies.

The Aegex10 Tablet brings real-time communications to the worlds most hazardous industrial operations and is globally certified including ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 and UL913 C I, II, III D1 hazardous locations.

Datanet see the inclusion of the Aegex10 Tablet to their product portfolio as an essential tool for those working in hazardous environments that require mobile computing devices that can be used without the risk of breaching hazardous safety measures in place to prevent explosions.

Aegex’s unified mobile platform enables enterprises to customise the Windows 10 intrinsically safe 10.1 inch tablets with enterprise-class software and industry specific applications to offer real-time enterprise mobility for all personnel in multiple zones of hazardous locations worldwide.

Contact your local Datanet specialist for further information, user case studies or to organise a product demonstration.

Mobile Computing Success

Main Roads Western Australia reduces paper work and increase productivity with a connected, integrated solution.

Datanet are proud to have been involved in, and continue to provide, support to Main Roads Western Australia as they undertook the complex task of providing an integrated, connected solution to field users.

As one of the largest, geographically spread road agencies in the world, Main Roads WA cover 2.5 million square kilometres with 7 offices spread across the state.

Datanet Senior Sales Consultant, Jerry Clarke worked closely with Main Roads in the selection of the Motion F5t tablet (Motion F5t has been replaced with the F5m). The Motion tablet was selected for the project due to the fit-for purpose design, rugged format and system capabilities.

Selecting enterprise specific solutions ensures that the initial investment in the project is protected with guaranteed service and support of original models and the ability to seamlessly integrate new models into the field.

Download the full Case Study “Motion Drives Mobile Computing Success at Main Roads WA” for full details of the success of the project.

Datanet are experts in Enterprise Mobility Solutions and have been supporting Australian businesses for over 30 years.

Launch of RFID Video

Automate Business Practices with RFID Technology

The newly released, short one minute RFID video by Datanet provides a great overview of RFID technology and how it can be utilised to empower and automate business practices and procedures.

RFID technology was first used in World War II and enabled aircraft ground crew to identify whether approaching planes were friend or foe using wireless non-contact radio waves.  A critical benefit of the technology was the ability to identify the aircraft while they were still miles away and out of the direct line of vision.

Today RFID is considered a true enabling technology as it can be easily adapted to meet the specific needs of diverse businesses.

The benefits of RFID include:

  • Automation – system requires minimal manual handling once up and running;
  • Efficiency and read rate – high throughput, 100 plus tags can be read simultaneously;
  • Line of sight is not required and items can face any direction as long as they are in the read range;
  • Read, write capability – ability to read, write, modify and update information on RFID tags;
  • Event triggering – RFID technology can be used to trigger certain events (like door opening, alarms etc);
  • Durability – extensive range of RFID tags available dependent on the environmental conditions and tags are selected to match the project;
  • Security – RFID tags can be internally attached ensuring they are protected;
  • Security – data can be encrypted, password protected or include a “kill” feature to remove data permanently.

Examples of how RFID has been used by Datanet’s clients are available on the ‘What is RFID’ information page.

To learn more about RFID and how RFID can assist contact a Datanet RFID Consultant.

How RFID is enabling the Internet of Things (IoT)

RFID Technology enabling Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the Internet of Things and how is it Connected?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is simply the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing internet infrastructure.

Barcoding and RFID technology enables the IoT with near real-time data and value chain visibility and has the potential to generate data never before possible, creating new business insights and intelligence.

It is predicted that in the next 10 years Industrial IoT will change more radically than it has over the last 50 years.

Factors contributing to the rapid acceleration of Industrial IoT include:

  • Growth in Analytics & Cloud Computing;
  • Increasing interconnectivity of machines and personal smart devices;
  • Increasing number of applications connecting supply chains, partners and customers.

The convergence between the two disciplines of Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) is where the transformational value of the connected enterprise will be experienced.

A key component of Datanet’s expertise is in providing the solution between the two disciplines, understanding that it is the ‘communication’ between the technology and the operational requirements where the power lies.

The ability to automate processes and remotely monitor plant and equipment is already delivering unparalleled advantages to the early adopters of the technology.

While rapid adoption and acceleration of IoT technology is predicted in the next 10 years, to date less than 14% of manufacturers have connected their machines to the Enterprise Network, representing a huge opportunity for companies looking to deliver a competitive edge.

Learn more about how Datanet’s clients are using RFID technology to change the way they are doing business.

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Ergopro A New Division of Datanet

Professional Ergonomic Equipment

Datanet are excited to be expanding their services to bring a select range of ergonomic equipment to new and existing clients.

Datanet have been appointed as an Authorised Reseller of Ergotron Solutions. Like Datanet, Ergotron have been servicing clients since 1982, delivering quality products and solutions to businesses around the globe.

Ergotron are committed to delivering affordable and innovative solutions that promote healthier, more productive environments for digital life and work styles.

With work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) now one of the most common causes of lost time injuries and illnesses in the workplace it makes more sense than ever to invest in professional ergonomic workstations.

The benefits of well-designed ergonomic equipment includes decreased injury, illness, and workers’ compensation costs, as well as, increased efficiency, decreased absenteeism , employee turnover and increased employee engagement.

The portfolio of Ergotron products include computer mounting solutions for wall, ceiling & desk, desk stands, office and tech furniture, sit-stand workstations, device charging stations, carts and vertical lifts. The human-centred design and the introduction of patented Constant Force™ lift and pivot motion technology means that the products require less user effort and adapt quickly and easily to the varying physical needs of individuals.

The full product range will be available at in the near future, in the meantime Corrine Ormsby can assist with product information and workplace consultations.


Contact: Corrine Ormsby
Telephone: 08 8410 6088
Email: Corrine Ormsby

Comms Connect Melbourne 2014

International Speakers, Workshops and Panel Discussions – Comms Connect, Melbourne 2014

Datanet will be exhibiting at the 8th national Comms Connect Conference in October.

The Conference is being held from 30th September 2014 through to 2nd October 2014 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The program includes National and International Guest Speakers with keynote presentations on:

  • Emergency communications
  • Disaster Alerts
  • Next Generation Comms
  • Workshops

Klaus Mikkelsen will be available at the Datanet Exhibition Booth (Stand 25) showcasing a range of I-Safe phones and barcode readers.

One of the products on display will be the Motorola TC55 Touch Mobile Computer. The Motorola TC55 has smartphone ergonomics but is loaded with features that give it long lasting durability. Drop and tumble specifications, IP67 sealing and a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 display ensure reliable operation in the field.

Also on display will be the range of Bartec Mobile Computers for Hazardous Environments which have been modified specially by BARTEC for use in ATEX and IECEx hazardous areas.

The event is expected to attract over 1000 attendees from a broad range of industry sectors, including utilities, public safety, government (local, state and federal), transport, mining, oil and gas and the wider commercial environment.

Klaus Mikkelsen is based in the Datanet Melbourne office and he has over 35 years of industry experience and is a great resource for both product selection and strategic planning.  Klaus can be contacted direct on 0405 596 267 or via email on


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Comms Connect Melbourne 2014