Datanet Project Methodology

Enterprise Mobility Overview

Datanet has developed Enterprise Mobility Matters as a methodology to support business decision-making.

As mobility becomes the way to automate work processes and improve transaction accuracy, our depth of industry experience and knowledge enables companies to benefit.

Datanet work closely with businesses through a 4 Stage Strategy to ensure that the enterprise mobility solution meets the expectations of the business and delivers a Return on Investment (ROI).


Stage 1 – Getting more from today’s system

Insight Education          Awareness          Decision Support

  • Assistance on options to improve performance of existing mobile systems.
  • Review of existing processes and costs.
  • Checkpoint user satisfaction, integration, functionality and service.
  • Consideration of enhancements and migration to new systems.


Stage 2 – Project Feasibility

Readiness Justification          Team Preparation Specifications

  • Confirm the ROI of new mobile applications.
  • Insight into technology advancements in your industry.
  • Analysis of resources required to implement and support mobility.
  • Strategic plan to assist with implementation and system architecture.


Stage 3 – Technical Validation

Confirmation of proposed solution

  • Software designed from an understanding of users and business processes.
  • Work with your team to confirm application readiness.
  • Confirm the right network infrastructure and communications management.
  • Recommend hardware selection and review of services required.


Stage 4 – Risk Minimisation

Successful Installation

  • Project sign-off on key milestones: Proof of concept, pilot, rollout and support.
  • Confirmation of technical elements: integration and support of all components.
  • Review of contracts, services and suppliers.
  • Agreement to proceed based on project requirements.


Contact a Datanet team member to discuss how a mobile enterprise solution can be customised for your business.