Defining Total Cost of Ownership


For over 30 years Datanet has been supporting businesses Nationally to invest in the right devices and solutions for their individual needs, saving businesses both time and money.

Throughout these thirty years business owners and managers have gleaned valuable insights from Datanet on how to best understand and calculate the Total cost of Ownership (TCO) of devices across their projects.

Do you know your TCO on your devices?

The Total cost of Ownership (TCO) consists of the following costs:

  • Acquisition/Physical Hardware Costs
  • Operating Costs
  • Personnel Costs

It sounds pretty simple, yet the TCO of a mobility solution is often ignored when consumer grade Android and Apple devices are used for line of business applications.

Mobility solutions are mission critical and can provide you with dramatic savings, yet many business are throwing their savings away through poor device choice.

One of the major hidden costs is the Lost Opportunity Cost when a device failure occurs.

Device failures result in:

  • Field staff being out of action
  • The IT support team (and often the purchasing team) being in action working overtime to fix the issue.

What a lot of business aren’t aware of when it comes to consumer grade Android and Apple devices is, consumer grade devices:

  1. Are proven to have higher device failure rates;
  2. Have shorter life cycles; and
  3. Often the operating system is only supported for 3 years.

All of these issues force the customer to replace their solution sooner and to incur the considerable costs that replacing a fleet of devices puts onto their business.

Plus, using unsupported devices puts your business at risk of unpatched operating systems that are no longer protected from malware and other threats.

What is the solution?

Rugged vendors like Zebra understand TCO.

Their new range of Android devices now offer a 5YR+5YR support option offering the same hardware configuration availability for 5 years, plus 5 years of device and operating system support, after the device is discontinued.

The result…

You can use the solution with the confidence you won’t have to replace the device in just 2 or 3 years (the replacement timeframe of consumer grade devices).

As a business you can take control and plan on replacing over a 5 to 10 year period knowing you have back-up. Saving you and your business both time and money.

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