Ergopro A New Division of Datanet

Sit Stand Desk

Professional Ergonomic Equipment

Datanet are excited to be expanding their services to bring a select range of ergonomic equipment to new and existing clients.

Datanet have been appointed as an Authorised Reseller of Ergotron Solutions. Like Datanet, Ergotron have been servicing clients since 1982, delivering quality products and solutions to businesses around the globe.

Ergotron are committed to delivering affordable and innovative solutions that promote healthier, more productive environments for digital life and work styles.

With work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) now one of the most common causes of lost time injuries and illnesses in the workplace it makes more sense than ever to invest in professional ergonomic workstations.

The benefits of well-designed ergonomic equipment includes decreased injury, illness, and workers’ compensation costs, as well as, increased efficiency, decreased absenteeism , employee turnover and increased employee engagement.

The portfolio of Ergotron products include computer mounting solutions for wall, ceiling & desk, desk stands, office and tech furniture, sit-stand workstations, device charging stations, carts and vertical lifts. The human-centred design and the introduction of patented Constant Force™ lift and pivot motion technology means that the products require less user effort and adapt quickly and easily to the varying physical needs of individuals.

The full product range will be available at in the near future, in the meantime Corrine Ormsby can assist with product information and workplace consultations.


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Telephone: 08 8410 6088
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