Launch of RFID Video

You Tube Video

Automate Business Practices with RFID Technology

The newly released, short one minute RFID video by Datanet provides a great overview of RFID technology and how it can be utilised to empower and automate business practices and procedures.

RFID technology was first used in World War II and enabled aircraft ground crew to identify whether approaching planes were friend or foe using wireless non-contact radio waves.  A critical benefit of the technology was the ability to identify the aircraft while they were still miles away and out of the direct line of vision.

Today RFID is considered a true enabling technology as it can be easily adapted to meet the specific needs of diverse businesses.

The benefits of RFID include:

  • Automation – system requires minimal manual handling once up and running;
  • Efficiency and read rate – high throughput, 100 plus tags can be read simultaneously;
  • Line of sight is not required and items can face any direction as long as they are in the read range;
  • Read, write capability – ability to read, write, modify and update information on RFID tags;
  • Event triggering – RFID technology can be used to trigger certain events (like door opening, alarms etc);
  • Durability – extensive range of RFID tags available dependent on the environmental conditions and tags are selected to match the project;
  • Security – RFID tags can be internally attached ensuring they are protected;
  • Security – data can be encrypted, password protected or include a “kill” feature to remove data permanently.

Examples of how RFID has been used by Datanet’s clients are available on the ‘What is RFID’ information page.

To learn more about RFID and how RFID can assist contact a Datanet RFID Consultant.