Local plumber loses $20,000 in van break-in…

Did you know…
Plumbing Businesses are losing money and profits everyday through equipment theft, unauthorised vehicle use, fuel card exploitation and more!


After having their van broken into and more than $20,000 in equipment stolen last week, a local plumbing company phoned the Police.

Then they phoned Datanet!

They wanted to know…

Q: How can Datanet help us (a medium-sized Plumbing business) to track down our assets and vehicles in the future?

(i.e. How can we stop losing money and time?!)

A: As an asset tracking and field service company, that is what we do!

Datanet assists field service companies to track high value assets, trailers and excavators with real time tracking solutions. 

… Solutions and job despatch systems that also remove paperwork, enabling them to make their business’s and staff more efficient.

Unfortunately, theft in the plumbing industry is not new, but there are solutions available that can be deployed within days to deliver immediate Returns on Investment to your business.


Next week (17 August 2017) Datanet and Dialog are hosting a 2-hour event for business owners and managers who want to learn more about EFFICIENT FIELD SERVICE AND TELEMATICS, and how choosing the best solution:

  • Increases your profits
  • Lowers your running costs
  • Improves staff productivity
  • Builds efficiency
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Reduces Overtime
  • Enhances your customer service levels

To attend the upcoming Vehicle Telematics event:

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This event will showcase…

TomTom Telematics job despatch system for 3 or more field staff; and

Microsoft Dynamics 365, the next generation of intelligent field service applications that enable your business to grow, evolve and transform.

***Either solution can be deployed within days to deliver immediate Returns on Investment to your business.

Hear from the experts and see for yourself how…

47,000 companies worldwide are
saving more than 16% in vehicle running costs,
improving safety and
delivering premium service to their customers.

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