Healthcare Solutions

The New Era in Healthcare Solutions is Enhancing Patient Care

Healthcare Information Technology launches a new era in Healthcare that provides an opportunity to implement sophisticated, streamlined solutions that enhance the provision of Healthcare.

The challenge of any emerging industry, but particularly Health Information Technology, is the risk of implementing incorrect solutions that are expensive and damaging to the reputation of Healthcare.

Health Information Technology (HIT) systems should enable: –

  • Real Time Access to Patient Records;
  • Enhanced Traceability;
  • Increase Legislative Compliance
  • Increase time spent with Patients;
  • Enhance the workflow for HealthCare Professionals.

Datanet provide innovative, cost effective solutions that consider the product plus the implementation and the required outcome.

Service and Solutions for Healthcare

The maturing of RFID technology has resulted in innovative solutions that provide real return on investment.

Datanet have worked with clients to provide solutions in the Healthcare industry including: –

  • RFID tracking solution to automatically record, calculate and manage a pharmacy dispensary for a secure facility;
  • RFID inventory management solution to automate re-ordering and control inventory;

Products of Healthcare

Specialised Healthcare products change the way people work and impact their lives every day.

Healthcare professional are challenged by high pressure environments, limited space and the fact that multiple personnel use the same equipment.

Learning and using new equipment can sometimes be daunting.

Datanet take the pain out of implementation by working with your personnel to explain and assist with uptake and education via videos, skype or at the workplace.

We have a range of options available and will work alongside of you to evaluate the products for workflow suitability, our solutions include: –

Barcode Scanners for HealthCare;

Mobile Computing Devices for HealthCare;

Labels and Wristbands for HealthCare;

RFID Solutions for HealthCare;

Medical Washable Keyboards and Mice;

Medical Carts.

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