Streamline your manufacturing operations to deliver better end products faster, reduce waste, control stocks and costs and measure speed of production.

In order to gain a competitive advantage by providing traceability, measuring production and increasing efficiencies of the manufacturing environment, many of Australia’s leading organisations are turning to Datanet to design solutions that will maximise returns from their ERP system, supply chain and e-commerce operations.

Datanet can help you:

  • Identify and validate parts used, and ensure the correct sequencing and completion of manufacturing steps
  • Maintain and improve systems that may be under-performing
  • Save time and improve performance with the ability to scan statistical process-control information
  • Achieve just-in-time delivery of finished product and increase your capability to address retailer requirements
  • Monitor plant usage, line sequencing, throughput and machine performance to find and fix potential problems before they negatively impact schedules
  • Connect your employees to an accurate flow of continuous relevant data
  • Demonstrate compliance in the event of a product recall, with precise information easily accessible
  • Achieve total inventory visibility and synchronized manufacturing processes


The first step to automating and streamlining your manufacturing business is to talk to a Datanet consultant who can guide you through the process.