Source Technologies – The World’s Best Industrial Barcode Printer

“Build the best Thermal Barcode Printers in the world and offer them at a fair price”. That is Source Technologies commitment to you.

Source Technologies is dedicated to knowing what a thermal barcode label printer is supposed to do and then designing a printer to do just that.

The STp. 1115 has been designed from the ground up with today’s leading technology to be the world’s best industrial 4-in thermal barcode label printer.

Source Technologies took the global approach, building the STp.1115 with Printer Command Language (PCL5e) as its standard printer language.

PCL was developed by Hewlett Packard in 1984 and has since become the standard language for laser, ink jet, and matrix printers. Using the standard printer language, PCL, enables the STp. 1115 printer to be used in most software applications today.

The ground-breaking application of a standard printer language and open-source software development modules give technology administrators freedom to define how the printers will operate within their organizations.

Information technologists charged with managing and maintaining extensive printer networks within global enterprises will appreciate the flexibility they now have at their fingertips to extend the value of their printer networks to save employees time and money.

Advantages of PCL5 on a thermal printer:

• PCL communicates with virtually all computer systems, which makes it the ideal language to adopt in the thermal printing industry.

• PCL extends the functionality of thermal printers by offering an expansive menu of feature commands not found in thermal printers. These commands open the way for the thermal printing industry to develop new and exciting applications.

• PCL gives system administrators flexibility to customize and integrate thermal printing into a variety of hosted environments.

• PCL allows for seamless integration of international language capabilities including Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean