Datalogic PBT9500

Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500

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Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500, Industrial Handheld Scanners

The Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500 with Bluetooth® wireless technology is the ideal scanning solution for warehouses, transportation & logistics and manufacturing industries.

With High-performance Liquid Lens, omnidirectional reading capabilities and load beeper for good-read feedback, the PowerScan PBT9500 increases efficiency and productivity.

This scanner has IP65 rating, ensuring it is water resistant and built to handle repeated shocks without compromising effectiveness or reliability.

Features of the Datalogic PowerScan PBT9500, Industrial Handheld Scanners:

  • Colour: Black/Yellow
  • Weight: 380.0 g (13.4 oz)
  • Dimensions (cradle): 24.0 x 10.8 x 9.5cm (9.4 x 4.3 x 3.8inch)
  • Dimensions (PBT9500): 21.2 x 11.0 x 7.4cm (8.3 x 4.3 x 2.9inch)
  • User replaceable lithium-ion battery in 3 seconds
  • Single or multi-slot battery charger allows for continuous operation without interruption.
  • Bluetooth® 3.0 Compliant; Class 1 configurable software
  • High-performance Liquid Lens for reading wide and high density codes
  • Omnidirectional and intuitive aiming from contact to over 1.0 m (3.3 ft)
  • Datalogic’s 3GL™ (3 Green Lights) technology
  • Loud beeper for good-read feedback
  • The BC9180-BT base/charger includes two different Ethernet connections: Standard Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet protocols such as Ethernet IP and Modbus.
  • High-performance Liquid Lens reads standard, wide and high density codes
  • Piconet with up to 7 scanners connected to the same base station
  • Soft white light illumination
  • Multiple interfaces available
  • Water and Particulate Sealing Rating: IP65
  • In-fieldreplaceablewindowandcradlecontacts
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans available

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