Seal Shield UV Disinfection Electroclave

Seal Shield UV Disinfection

The Seal Shield UV Disinfection Device Manager allows you to disinfect and charge your mobile devices in one location

Infection Control and the prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections is a critical component of HealthCare management and environmental hygiene is a complex, multifaceted process.

With the uptake of mobile devices such as tablet computers and mobile phones as standard practice in HealthCare facilities, the need to implement infection control procedures that account for these changes is essential.

Mobile devices that can be taken anywhere means that they can be contaminated by anything!

The Seal Shield Electroclave™ is the world’s first healthcare disinfection system to combine the simplicity of cloud based, RFID Mobile Device Management with a highly efficient UV-C-LED technology.

The Seal Shield proprietary Smart Clean™ Technology allows for 360 degree fail safe disinfection with the efficacy of UV-C LED technology which which allows devices to be charged and synched while they disinfect.

UV Light refers to Ultraviolet light which is outside the visible light spectrum between wavelength ranges of 100 nanometers to 400 nm and is germicidal.  This means that it has the ability to destroy pathogens including bacteria and viruses.  UV-C light accomplishes this feat by deactivating the pathogens’ DNA, and destroying their ability to multiply.

The power of the Seal Shield ElectorClave™ Disinfection system isn’t only in the disinfecting technology buy in the managing and reporting tool which allows you to control, manage and report on the processes.

The full cycle disinfection cycle takes approximately 14 minutes.  If devices are removed from the Electroclave mid cycle infection control is not complete and policies are void.  With the Electroclave Device Management system and RFID tracking you can monitor and report on who opens the device and at what time.  Enabling you to comply with infection control policies.

Seal Shield provides Infection Control technology and solutions to improve outcomes and reduce costs for HealthCare facilities.

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