SV41-6100 Laptop Cart

Ergotron Medical Carts

Design your Ergotron Medical Cart to meet your Workflow needs

The implementation of Electronic Health Records and Enterprise Patient Administration systems (EPAS) has changed the way Healthcare professionals administer care.

Access to electronic records means real-time information is available at the patient bedside.

Medical carts on wheels enable Healthcare Professionals to administer care while ensuring that patients are their central focus.

Medical Carts can be configured to meet the needs of the Ward and the Caregivers.

Medical Carts by Ergotron

The range of Ergotron Medical Carts allows Healthcare professionals to manoeuvre the cart to the point of need while having everything at their fingertips.

The HealthCare Medical Carts by Ergotron are innovative, ergonomic and easy-to-manoeuvre carts  featuring sit-to-stand height adjustment.

The Medical Cart surfaces are treated with antimicrobial for product protection.

Feature and Benefits of the Ergotron Light Duty Medical Carts

The StyleView SV10 range of carts are a lightweight medical cart, providing simple solutions for mobile device support.

There are 3 carts available – the StyleView Tablet Cart (SV10-1400), Tablet cart for Microsoft Surface (SV10-1800) and the Styleview Laptop Cart (SV10-1100).

Whatever your workflow requirements Ergotron has a WorkStation on Wheels to meet your needs.

The main product portfolios are: –

  • SV10 – Light Duty carts for mobile devices.
  • SV41 – Non powered carts for Laptops and LCD’s.
  • SV42 – LiFe powered carts for Laptops and LCD’s.

Product benefits of Ergotron Medical Carts are: –

  • Easy maneuverability – Effortlessly maneuver the cart to the point of need.  Styleview quickly responds to caregivers’ touch and enables nurses to focus on their patients.
  • Ergonomic Design – Truly ergonomic design accommodates the largest range of nurses and other caregivers; designed for sitting or standing with single-motion fluid adjustment which helps promote caregiver wellness and productivity.
  • Small Footprint for busy wards – StyleView’s small footprint, with ultra-smooth gliding casters, travels easily across crowded carpet or hard surface floors and is perfect for space constrained areas.
  • Open architecture design accommodates multiple configurations; closed notebooks with monitor, CPU and monitor, thin clients, tablets, all-in-on computers and future hardware upgrades.
  • Surfaces are treated with antimicrobial for product protection.
  • LCD and keyboard pan side-to-side for closer access while interacting with clients; arm also reached low for people wearing bifocals or using PC.
  • Passes Ergotron’s 10,000 cycle motion test, which ensures a minimum of five years trouble-free sit-to-stand height adjustment.



Ergotron Medical Carts also have a full range of accessories available so that you can customise your cart further, accessories include: –

  • IV Pole and Clamp Kit
  • Storage Bin
  • Task Light
  • Sani Wipes Holder
  • Drawers – multiple heights and widths
  • Camera Shelf
  • Utility Shelf
  • Scanner Shelf

For further assistance in selecting the right Workstation on Wheels for your hospital or clinical setting contact a Datanet HealthCare Specialist who can assist you to evaluate the options available