HumanScale Medical Carts

Humanscale Medical Carts

Humanscale Medical Carts – Introducing TouchPoint T7 Point-of-Care Technology Carts

Healthcare professionals have one focus when on the job and that is to administer care to their patients which is why it is critical that the technology and infrastructure supports the workflow requirements of the organisation.

Medical Point-of-Care Carts must be easy to move and adjust so that they become an extension of how healthcare professionals operate and not an interruption.

Over the course of a shift the Medical Carts will be used by many different healthcare professionals within the organisation.

The advantage of the TouchPoint cart is that they can be customised for different areas of the ward and healthcare facility.  To easily identify how a cart has been customised a number of our healthcare clients have developed systems of visually identifying the carts on a ward so it is easy for the end-user to ‘grab and go’.



Features and Benefits of the Humanscale T7 Mobile Technology Cart

As with all medical carts you cart start with the base and build it up to meet your requirements.

At the top end of the design features you will be able to take advantage of the Power Track™ steering which enables healthcare professionals to effortlessly navigate tight spaces, corridors and turns with one-hand operation.  The Power Track is activated by a simple squeeze of a button which is located on the underside of the cart handle.

The AutoFit technology which is available on the powered carts allows users to automatically and simply adjust the height with the push of a button by entering their height on the touchscreen and selecting standing or sitting.

Infection Control is assisted with the routing of all cables inside the machine and all worksurfaces are antimicrobial.

The Humanscale T7 cart can be set up with an external monitor and CPU or a laptop. The external monitor can swivel up to 270° so onscreen information can be shared without re-positioning the cart.

The full array of accessory options for the T7 cart allow the cart to be upgraded at anytime, accessories include:

  • Shelf for a Healthcare Grade Thermal Printer
  • Barcode Scanner Bracket for Healthcare Grade Barcode Scanner
  • Sharps Bin Holder
  • Glove Box Holder
  • Utility Drawers (up to 4 per cart)

Humanscale are global leaders in healthcare ergonomics and strive to assist healthcare professionals to delivery the best possible care.  Injured nurses contribute to about one-fourth of all workers’ compensation claims and one-third of total compensations claims in the US.  Nurses are 200% more likely to suffer from job-related injuries than farmers or construction workers and have a rate of musculoskeletal disorders 7 times the national average.

Advances in technology now enables us to provide better solutions and real time care, the time spent evaluating devices and ensuring that the correct medical carts are selected for your needs will ensure carts become an easy and enjoyable extension to your workflow routines.