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Benefits of a Zebra ET50 and 55 Enterprise Tablet

Standard tablets are designed for consumer use primarily outside of the workplace. An Enterprise Tablet ET50/55 is specifically designed to be used in the workplace. This difference shows up in a number of ways and affects how well the tablet improves productivity.

Workforce productivity is critical to modern enterprises and incorporating new technology is often an effective means of improving workforce productivity. Increasingly, tablets are the new technology that is doing just that.

Does this mean that introducing tablets to your business will instantly increase the productivity of your workforce? No – especially if you use tablets that aren’t designed specifically for enterprises.

To best increase productivity you need enterprise products like the Zebra Enterprise Tablet ET50/55.

Adaptable OS

One of the best enterprise benefits of the Zebra ET50/55 Enterprise Tablet is that it can be used with either the Android 5.1 or the Windows 8.1 operating system. The ability to install and use the operating system of your choice means that this tablet can easily adapt to the computer systems and programs that your business already uses.

Durable and Long Lasting

The Zebra Enterprise Tablet ET50/55 is built to last a long life, even when facing hard use. Corning Gorilla Glass and IP65 sealing means that the tablet can survive a fall of up to one meter without damage and is waterproof, even in heavy rain or snow conditions. Furthermore, the rechargeable ion battery can last for an entire shift, even if the tablet is on the entire time.

Data Capture Features

While almost all tablets come with built in cameras, only a tablet designed for enterprises has a camera that is specifically designed to capture 1D and 2D bar codes. Additionally, the Zebra ET50/55 also has a front camera that is perfect for video conferencing, even while on the move.

Enterprise Specific Accessories

In addition to the built-in enterprise specific features, the Zebra tablet also features plenty of optional accessories that are specifically designed for enterprise use. Examples include:

  • A rugged frame that adds even more durability to the product, protecting it from falls up to nearly 2 meters in height
  • An extra hot swappable battery that allows constant use, even while charging the main battery
  • A holster for easily carrying the tablet on the hip, back, or chest

The Mobility Solution for the Modern Enterprise

If you are looking for something that will give your enterprise a technological edge, the Zebra ET50/55 Enterprise Tablet is the device that will provide that edge. It is a mobility solution custom designed to increase workforce productivity for your enterprise.

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