Omni ID Prox RFID Label

Prox RFID Label

Omni-ID Prox RFID Label for Asset Management Solutions

Omni Prox label includes the smallest RFID tag and material agnostic in its field. The ID Prox label is an excellent platform to deploy an asset management solution.

With an IP rating of IP54 (International Protection) it has been tested for thermal shock and adhesion to metal, as well as, the ability to sustain a range of solvents, it preformed well around cleaning agents.

A global Frequency range of 860-960MHz and a read range of up to 3 metres (FIXED READER) & 1.5 metres (HANDHELD READER), makes this ideal for long term office environments.

Operating temperatures of +5 to +40C this has a standard film adhesive with standard foam or premium foam (options)

N.B. Some machines may require calibration. An IP rating indicates the durability levels of the product, when tested for wear, fading, tolerance to some solvents and cleaning products.

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