Medical Waterproof Keyboard

Medical Waterproof Keyboards

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Reduce Infection Contamination with Waterproof Keyboards and Mice

In Australia it is estimated that there are about 200,000 HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) each year (Cruickshank & Ferguson 2008), making them the most common complication affecting patients in Hospital.

Additionally, it is estimated that each HAI adds approximately $15,000 to the cost of treating the patient, over and above the costs associated with treating the problem that brought them to the hospital in the first place.

Waterproof construction and antimicrobial protection are the most important infection control features of a medical keyboard.

Seal Shield medical keyboards are fully washable and 100% waterproof.  They can be soaked in bleach, washed in a sink or even cleaned in an automatic dishwasher.  Seal Shield medical keyboards are independently certified to IP-68 which is the highest rating against dust, debris and liquid ingress, signifying that Seal Shield medical keyboards are the most effective medical keyboards available.

Seal Shield medical keyboards are also embedded with an antimicrobial additive that protects the products against viruses, fungi, mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria.

The medical keyboards and mice are available in numerous sizes, styles and colors to suit any healthcare environment and are available with cable size and connection options including long cable, Quick Connect™ cable, USB, PS/2, RF wireless and Bluetooth.  Only Seal Shield medical waterproof keyboards include a Seal Cap™ USB protector (patent pending), which protects the gold plated USB connector against water intrusion during full submersion.

Seal Shield medical keyboards com in various sizes to support all major mobile medical carts, wall mounts and other healthcare applications.