Aegex Tablet


Intrinsically Safe Tablet – Aegex10

World First IECEx Zone 1 Tablet

The World first IECEx Zone 1 Tablet by Aegex Technologies provides an intrinsically safe mobile device for the world’s most hazardous environments allowing real-time connectivity in hazardous locations.

Suitable for hazardous environments including: –

♦  Oil & Gas
♦  Chemical Industry
♦  Mining Industry
♦  Pharmaceutical Industry
♦  Anywhere that volatile atmospheres exist

The Aegex intrinsically safe 10.1 inch Windows 10 tablet brings real-time connectivity to all personnel in multiple zones helping to harness the power of data , optimizing efficiency and safety while increasing productivity.

Features and Benefits of the Aegex10 IS Tablet include: –

  • Purpose-Built Intrinsically Safe and Enterprise-Class:
    Aegex devices are certified UL913, C I, II, IIID1, ATEX IECEx Zone 1 and IP65 for HazLoc Use.
  • Cloud-Based Data Sharing:
    Aegex solutions use 4G LTE for real-time collaboration.
  • Enterprise-Class Security with Intel Architecture:
    Aegex solutions rely on Intel McAfee Security suite for enterprise-wide protection.
  • Customizable Solutions for All Hazardous Zones and Jobs:
    Build you own solution for each team member with Aegex enterprise applications.

Aegex’s unified platform makes operation-wide integration and collaboration simple, with an overarching Microsoft enterprise mobility solution that delivers IT uniformity, operational efficiency, organisational safety and information security.  Aegex10 IS Tablets are the basis for a true Internet of Things for hazardous industries.

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