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MC75A6 Mobile Computer

Bartec MC75A6 Mobile Computer for Hazardous Environments

The MC75A6 HF-NI Mobile Computer for Hazardous Environments is no longer available.

The MC75A standard EDA is still available and further information can be found here.

If you require a PDA for hazardous environments the MC 92N0ex may be appropriate.

The selection of equipment for hazardous environments is a complex task.

A Datanet consultant is available to discuss your specific requirements and environmental conditions.

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MC75A6 Mobile Computer Product Description

The MC 75A6 Mobile Computer offers both 3.5G and non-3.5G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) device with an integrated RFID HF reader and are specially modified by BARTEC for use in ATEX Zone 2 & 22 hazardous areas.

With the additions of these Ex Mobile Computer to that already offered by MOTOROLA Solution, user can now benefit from a standardized and integrated enterprise solution throughout the enterprise involving the hazardous area as well.

The ergonomic design of the MC75A6 and easy operation make it an ideal support in attaining fast data availability in enterprise processes. A keypad is available in various variant versions for manual data capture.

Data capture is made easy with the integrated RFID HF reader and 1D or 1D/2D Scan Engine for capturing bar codes and the integrated 3.2 megapixel camera for capturing barcodes and photos.

The ergonomically mounted scan triggers on the MC 75A6 HF-NI allow data to be captured easily in one-hand operation. Several technologies are available for data communication with other systems and company divisions.


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