iCAM Intrinsically Safe Camera

iCAM50x Series Camera

iCam50x Series Instrinsically Safe Digital Camera

Create visual and audio records in hazardous environments.

The iCAM50x digital stills camera is the perfect tool for use in hazardous areas.

The iCAM50x range can be used in all sectors of industry including: –

  • Oil and Gas Production Platforms
  • Mining
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical plants
  • Refineries
  • Emergency Services

With two models to select from both are certified ATEX, IECEx & FM Class 1 Division 1.

The iCAM501 Ultra is perfect for general images to be taken at least 30 cm from the camera.

The iCAM502 has auto-focus lens and takes pin-sharp images from 5cm.

The iCam50x range allows you to add audio records to your photographs as you work.

Features and Benefits of the iCam50x Intrinsically Safe Digital Camera include: –

  • Rugged Housing – The iconic injection moulded anti-static plastic housing is IP65 rated and suitable for use in the arduous environments.  The removable silicon rubber casing provides additional protection and increased grip, particularly when wearing protective gloves.
  • Compact and Lightweight – The long slim camera enclosure lends itself to single handed operating and weighs less than 200g – convenient to carry in your pocket.
  • Super Bright 4 LED Flash Array – The powerful integrated flash allows for picture capture in very poor light conditions, from low light to total darkness.
  • Voice Annotations – Record voice notes to store a wav. file with the same filename as the image taken for detailed reports.
  • User Upgradeable – Field upgradeable firmware via USB allows future upgrades to be carried out by the user.
  • High Performance Lens – High resolution images provide greater detail of equipment or larger areas such as plant rooms and buildings.  The iCAM501 allows high quality images to be taken at distances of 30cm upwards.  The advanced auto-focus lens on the ICAM502 allows pin-sharp close-ups to be captured from as close as 5 cm; making it ideal for rating plates etc.
  • 1GB Memory – Allows for a much higher level of visual/audible data storage.  Holds approximately 5,000 JPEG images without any audio recording and an additional 960 Kbytes per minute for audio.
  • Simple Data Transfer – 3 Simple Steps – open, connect via a USB port and transfer data utilising the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP).  Certified for direct connection to any PC in the safe area without requiring an external protection barrier.
  • Powered by Primary Cells – Certified for use with leading brand alkaline cells means the iCAM is always ready to use.