intermec cn3

Honeywell CN3 Mobile Computer

Designed to meet the needs of workers performing mission-critical tasks in transportation, logistics and field service, the CN3 mobile computer delivers a powerful combination of communications technologies in a compact, rugged package.

The CN3 runs Windows Mobile®, supporting direct push wireless email for real-time connectivity with corporate networks. For in-premise use, the CN3’s support for Cisco® Compatible Extensions (CCX) ensures seamless interoperability in Cisco infrastructures.

  • Integrated Scanning Option – Area Imager supports omnidirectional 1D, 2D, Composite and Postal decode capabilities plus signature capture.
  • Integrated Camera Option – 2 megapixel colour camera with LED flash.
  • Built to withstand drops of 1.8 m (6 ft) and IP54 Compliant.
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.1.
  • Standard Communications – USB 1.1 Host and Client. RS232 via vehicle dock. Ethernet via desktop single or quad dock.
  • Integrated Radio Options – Wireless Wan, Wireless Lan, Wireless Pan – Integrated Bluetooth® Class 2, V2.0 compatible module for wireless.
  • Device Management Options: SmartSystems™ Foundation: Centralised support via PC: configures, updates and maintains single devices or entire populations, real-time via wired or wireless connection.

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