HID Global Volcano RFID Tags

HID Global Volcano RFID Tags

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The HID Global Volcano RFID Tags offer exceptional resistance to chemicals

The low frequency Volcano UHF RFID Tag has exceptional tolerance to all conditions, making it ideal for outdoor and industrial use.

Exceptional resistance to chemicals and abrasion resistance enables consistent communications with RFID readers and reliable performance throughout manufacturing procedures.

The HID Global Volcano Tag has a storage capability of up to 264 bit read-write and a high heat tolerance of up to 200C. The RFID tag is suitable for screw mounting on most surfaces such as glass, wood, metal and plastic.


  • 26 x 4mm (black) – packs of 800 pcs
  • 3.5 grams (weighs)
  • 125 kHz – 264bit read-write
  • Storage thermals range – Peak 200C
  • -40 to +140C

IP rating of IP68 withstands shock and fatigue to 100 x 5 min with 20 sec transition.

HID Global Volcano Tag RFID Tags, housings are composed of field-proven, temperature-stable (PPA).

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