HID Global World Tag

HID Global World Tag™ RFID

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HID Global World Tag™ RFID

RFID technology and tagging creates cost savings and more efficient stock and property controls.

Constructed from the thermoplastic, polycarbonate, for its high-impact strength, light weight, and flexibility, the HID Global World  Tag can  be utilized in a broad range of end uses.

The World Tag is commonly used to identify and control capital assets in furniture and office equipment and high cost essentials such as computers, monitors and electrical equipment.

The low frequency World Tag RFID discs perform best when embedded, glued or screw to wood, glass or plastic surfaces.


  • 20 x 2.1mm ( 0.8g )
  • 30 x 2.1mm ( 1.9g )
  • 50 x 2.1mm ( 5.2g )

Operational at between -40 to +90C, resistant to Shock / Fatigue an IP rating of IP68.

Read range is dependent on environment, application and scanner quality.

With the capacity of 2048 bit read write, RFID tagging creates a cost saving and more efficient stock and property controls.

The HID Global World  RFID Tag is widely used in the removal industries.

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