InLine  Ultra Tag RFID HID Global

InLine Ultra Tag RFID HID Global

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HID Global InLine Ultra RFID tags  IP rating is for its resistance to the harsh outdoors.

HID Global InLine Ultra RFID tags for industry and logistics with a range of up to 8 metres, lightweight and resistance to water and heat enables this InLIne RFID tag to be mounted in a variety of locations and materials such as metal, wood or plastics with standard screws or adhesives.

InLIne Ultra RFID tags from HID Global increases controls on  logistics, making it more cost effective and accurate, allowing you to track large quantities of merchandise from dispatch to delivery.
The 5 versions of the InLine Ultra RFID tags range from 12g to 16g, their IP rating of IP69K is for its water, chemical, thermal and shock resistance.

Dimensions of

  • 97 x 27 x 15mm
  • 105 x 35 x 15mm
  • 97 x 27 x 10mm
  • 105 x 35 x 10mm
  • Storage of -40 to +80C
  • Withstands exposure to Mineral oils,petrol, salt water and humidity of 80%.
  • Standards – UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 17364 & others
  • Operating frequency is 865 – 956 MHz

Its extreme durability makes it ideal for extended outdoors usage, the flexibility allows for mounting on gas bottles or kegs.

The broadband frequency makes this a long range usable RFID worldwide

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