HID Global SlimFlex RFID Tags

HID Global SlimFlex RFID Tags

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HID Global SlimFex RFID Tags have limitless possibilities for RFID tag placement in commercial or hospital laundry.

HID Global SlimFlex Laundry tag design utilise a flexible and durable material allowing limitless performance possibilities for RFID tag placement.

Datanet are excited to deliver the new HID Global SlimFlex RFID tags to help create and improve commercial laundry operations and hospital linen controls. The SlimFlex RFID UHF Tag, as well as being waterproof, can withstand exposure to chemicals, salt water and heat.

Depending on the choice of RFID tag the read read rate for the SlimFlex RFID varies from 2.5 metres to 8 metres.

Dimensions range from:

  • 2.2 x 0.5 x 0.1mm for the laundry tag
  • 4.5 x 3.3 x 0.1mm for the standard square

Temperature performance range from:

  • -40 to +70C

The thermoplastic elastomer housing is widely used in the manufacture and tracking of pipes and hoses.

Tolerant to repeated bending, the unique and inventive housing safeguards the RFID tag even under harsh treatment. Most RFID tags of this range can be sewn, glued, cable tied, screwed or riveted.

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