Omni ID Power Tag

Omni-ID Power Tag

Omni-ID Power Tag – Active RFID

The powerful features of the Omni-ID Active RFID Tag make it ideal for applications requiring long range asset tracking, particularly in harsh environments such as:

  • Manufacturing: Mobile carts, containers and trolleys
  • Logistics: Lay down yards, vehicles and docks
  • Construction: Staging and materials tagging

Features of the Omni-ID Power Tag are:

  • Long Battery Life – Battery lasts at least 5 years under typical use cases.
  • Integrated Passive Tag – Track, trigger and commission with standard readers.
  • Exceptional Toughness – Fully sealed and over molded for the most rugged use.
  • High Gain Internal Antenna – Exceptional range and performance in snow, ice or mud.

The difference between the Omni-ID Power 400 Tag and the 415 is the configuration of the Active and Passive capabilities.

A Datanet Enterprise Mobility Consultant is able to explain the differences between the RFID tags and ensure that the best selection is made.

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