IQ 600 RFID Label

IQ 600 RFID Label

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Omni-ID IQ 600 RFID Label
Consistency and Reliability the Standard for RFID Tagging

The finished self adhesive label is composed of a multilayer synthetic with an acrylic adhesive. Labels are easily processed using a thermal printer and require minimal labor with a simple print, peel and stick.

These RFID labels are being applied to medical equipment, including blood bags in health care. As well as a full range of Metal Racking throughout all aspects of Warehousing and Logistics, Computers and all IT essential equipment.

The tags were tested for thermal shock, high temperatures, as well as, the ability to sustain a range of solvents. They proved to preform well around cleaning agents.

When used with a fixed reader, the IQ 600 has an on-metal read range of up to 7 metres.

The 103 x 52 x 0.8 mm labels are ideally suited for metal and liquids.

Rolls of 200 labels.

Operating temperatures of -20 to +65C, with an IP rating of IP68 this adds to its durability.

N.B. Some machines may require calibration. An IP rating indicates the durability levels of the product, when tested for wear, fading, tolerance to some solvents and cleaning products.

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