IQ 800P RFID Label

IQ 800P RFID Label

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Omni-ID IQ 800P RFID Label

High Performance Synthetic Labels

A durable low cost, high performance synthetic RFID label, Omni-ID RFID IQ 800P Label is designed to provide a strong performance on plastic and non-metallic industrial surfaces.

The high specification polymer and adhesive application enables this product to endure extended outdoor use, including average wet cleaning processes.

Operating temperatures of -40 to + 85C, with an IP rating of IP68, it resists scratching, peeling and UV degradation. An ideal solution for tracking pallets and other non-metallic assets.

A read range of 10 metres with a fixed reader and up to 5 metres with handheld devices.

The 95 x 21 x 0.025 mm premium synthetic label on a transparent PET liner, this film adhesive label makes RFID more affordable, delivered in rolls it can be printed on a common barcode thermal transfer printers.

Rolls of 500 labels. (Has a glue life of 7 years)

N.B. Some machines may require calibration. An IP rating indicates the durability levels of the product, when tested for wear, fading, tolerance to some solvents and cleaning products.

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