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Prox NG RFID Tag

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Prox NG RFID Tag perfect for IT Asset Management

Prox NG label is a small RFID tag designed specifically for IT asset management environments.

Prox NG also includes a tether hole as standard, making it easy to deploy on any IT anywhere. A low profile and consistent RF performance.

A frequency range of 860 – 930MHz, for metal and non-metalic substrates. The Omni Prox NG has a short read range RFID tag of approx. 1.8mtrs (FIXED READER) & 0.9mts (HANDHELD READER).

This 37.5 x 12.5 x 4.5mm label weighs as little as 2.2grams, with an operating temperature range of -5 to +55C. An IP rating (International Protection rating) of IP54.

Ideally suited to tracking and inventory control of smaller assets, such as:

  • Small Tools
  • Servers
  • Disks and switches.

N.B. Some machines may require calibration. An IP rating indicates the durability levels of the product, when tested for wear, fading, tolerance to some solvents and cleaning products.

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