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FieldWorker Enterprise is an end-to-end mobile solution that allows you to exchange valuable corporate information with your mobile workers and replace paper-based processes.

Whether you’re interested in data collection, or work order dispatch your workers in the field can move critical data from where they find it to where you need it. Working offline and online when needed, you can exchange data using the net change protocol to reduce connection time and expense.

FieldWorker Enterprise enables you to update mobile data collection applications remotely, eliminating the necessity – and the downtime – of bringing workers and devices in from the field.

FieldWorker is used for electronic inspections, work order management, field service, sales force automation and hundreds of other field applications. FieldWorker has been working with companies to deliver Enterprise mobility applications since 1995, and our main goal is to deliver a solution in a fraction of the time of the alternatives.

Features and Benefits
FieldWorker Enterprise delivers a complete enterprise mobile data collection and synchronization solution at a fraction of the cost of in-house or customized solutions. You save critical capital upfront and reduce support and expansion costs down the road. Rolling out your first enterprise-wide FieldWorker application will give you an immediate ROI, and every subsequent FieldWorker application accelerates that return on your investment.

Some key benefits with using FieldWorker solutions are:

Implementation Times
Proven success implementing enterprise mobile solutions.

Device Independent
FieldWorker Client is a Java-based program and will run on any Windows device with no additional configuration.

Unlimited Expandability
FieldWorker captures data from any type of serial device using COM and Bluetooth ports. This includes GPS, barcode and RFID scanners and digital cameras.

Network Agnostic
Real-time or Batch. FieldWorker Client can use any type of network connection to synchronize data with backend systems from cradle to wireless data networks.

Back-end Integration
Independence Demonstrated project success sending bi-directional data to/from SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, flat files, MS Access and many more.

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