Motion F5m

Motion F5m

Motion F5m Rugged Tablet

Weighing only 1.5 kg, the lightweight but powerful Motion® F5m is perfect for any office or outdoor environment that requires robust software compatibility when moving from the office, to the vehicle, to the field.

With low energy use and long battery life of up to 8 hours, an integrated camera, barcode scanner and long range UHF RFID reader, the F5m enables real time communication meaning greater productivity, increased efficiency and faster response times.

Stay connected and secure with accessories that complement the tablet and allow total mobility and easy transportation to any work environment.

Shockproof, dust and water resistant with brilliant viewing display even in direct sunlight, the rugged F5m is built to perform and last in any demanding field.

F5m Rugged Durability Features:-


IP54 rated – Water, dust and splash resistant

Durable Gorilla® Glass

Rubberized for shock dampening

Magnesium-alloy internal frame

Moulded handle helps prevent drops

The Motion F5m is Powerfully Connected

The F5m with the new 5th Gen Intel® Core™ processors offers class-leading speed all while lowering energy use and extending battery life.

The F5m allows you to stay connected and productive with ultra-fast 4G XLTE2 mobile broadband connectivity, advanced u-blox GPS and 802.11 ac technology that makes sharing large files and images easy.

Motion F5m Rugged Tablet is Designed for Industry

Rugged Tablet PC’s have been designed for the needs of industry – regardless of the task there is a tablet to suit your needs.

While consumer grade devices may work in the short-term, long-term they can cause more pain than gain.

Motion Computing® combine world-class products with services customised for the unique needs of targeted industries, including utilities, construction, public safety, retail and healthcare.

The Motion F5m replaces the Motion F5t.

A Datanet Consultant is available to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

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