Enterprise Mobility for Retail

The implementation of enterprise mobility solutions enables retail outlets to provide supreme customer service, improve productivity and maximize supply chain efficiency.

Success is not only about what you do but also about how you do it.

In today’s retail environment the customer’s experience is paramount and the ability to provide customers and staff with accurate information on the go has become a driving force.

Datanet has extensive experience with providing retail businesses with up-to-date technology and solutions that boost efficiency and win more customers.

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Datanet can assist in:

Inventory solutions for Retail

  • Improve inventory control, process orders faster, eliminate mis-pricing, receive deliveries more accurately to reduce overall costs

Mobile solutions for Retail

  • Enable retail store managers, store clerks and supervisors to spend more time on the sales floor, boosting both productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Keep in touch with department heads and associates with voice over Wi-Fi
  • Effectively assist the customer, making it easier to up-sell and cross-sell
  • Boost in-store efficiencies and reduce hiring needs
  • Monitor the store with wireless video applications

Customer experience solutions for Retail

  • Give customers on-demand access to product information as they shop – empower them to get pricing, availability and promotion information right at the self
  • Enable customers to check themselves out with no waiting in lines
  • Turn store visits into personalised shopping experiences encouraging repeat business

Point-of-sale solutions

  • Speed checkout with industry-leading scanning technologies, signature capture and payment devices
  • Scan larger items without removing them from the basket using cordless scanners
  • Keep your inventory more accurate by getting exact information from your registers
  • Save counter space with hands free scanners for displaying impulsive items

Collect valuable customer feedback at point of sale and target promotions to customers based on the record of their shopping history.

Contact a Datanet Consultant today to discuss the best solution to suit your retail needs.

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