In Vehicle Computer Mounting

Ensure that your In Vehicle Computer Mounting system complies with State Laws and OH&S

The mounting of tablet computers in vehicles can be a complicated process.

The professional fitting of in-vehicle-computer mounting ensures compliance with State Laws and OH&S requirements.

It is also essential to ensure that equipment will not have any negative effect on the workings of the vehicle.

The Datanet Service team are skilled in managing the full installation project covering the key components:

Mount Placement – What will work best for the user plus what position in the vehicle will ensure compliance.

Mounting Bracket Selection – Which mounting bracket will work best, design of custom mounts or selection of available on market mounts.

Physical Installation – Datanet manage the full installation, ensuring vehicles are fitted correctly.

Post Installation Check –  A full post installation test on your computer equipment and vehicle mount to ensure it is operating as intended.

Compliance Certificate – Datanet manage the process of obtaining the necessary compliance certificate for your vehicle from the relevant local authority.