Main Roads Western Australia

Management and Installation of In-Vehicle Tablet Devices

The move from a paper based system to a mobile computing solution for an organisation as complex and large as Main Roads Western Australia takes time, planning and a high level of communication.

Datanet began working with Main Roads Western Australia in November 2012 to manage, install and supply in-vehicle Tablet Devices to approximately 177 Main Roads Fleet Vehicles in 10 regions across Western Australia.

Relationship management and clear communication were essential components for the success and logistical roll-out of the project.

For a project of this size and scope it is not simply a matter of matching off the shelf components to specific vehicles and devices, it requires industry expertise and knowledge, as well as, the ability to look out of the box and customise solutions.

Datanet worked closely with an Australian manufacturer to develop and manufacture customised bracket solutions for different vehicle types.  By law each vehicle installation must be ADR compliant, approved by the Department of Transport and have compliance certificates issued for each vehicle.  Datanet managed the certification process liaising with all parties to receive the necessary approval.

Jerry Clarke, Senior Account Manager at Datanet’s Western Australia Head Office, has over 20 years’ experience in the mobility market and was the prime point of contact for this project.  Jerry believes that it was Datanet’s product knowledge, ability to be flexible and think on the spot which contributed to the success of the project.

With installation throughout Western Australia, from Esperance in the South to Kununurra in the North, everything did not always fall into place.  However, with lateral thinking Datanet technicians were prepared and on-site issues overcome.

Main Roads Western Australia selected the Motion F5T for its durability, reliability and ruggedness. The F5T features include enhanced documentation and collaboration with integrated digital camera, barcode scan or RFID reader and is purposely built for in-vehicle field productivity.