Document Tracker

Datanet Enterprise Scanning Module – Document Tracker

Datanet have developed a range of software applications suitable for small to medium sized businesses looking to automate administration processes, saving time and money without the significant costs of customised solutions and ongoing subscription fees.

Datanet Enterprise Scanning Modules are ideal for businesses that want to eliminate the labour and form costs associated with paper-based systems and improve productivity providing real-time visibility for managers and associated departments.

Document Tracker Software

The Datanet Document Tracker Software Module allows users to quickly and efficiently track documents OUT to users and IN to locations.

Datanet Document Tracker scanning module features and benefits include:

  • Track Documents
  • Status reports available (location, history, current status)
  • Fields available – barcode, description, date and location
  • Eliminate labour and forms cost associated with paper-based systems
  • Greater management oversight through real-time reports

An added benefit is the ability to configure wanted documents to enable the device to perform an alternate beep when these barcodes are scanned, alerting the user.

Datanet Enterprise Scanning Modules

As leaders in Enterprise Mobility, Datanet are able to assist in any area of business automation and can provide the hardware and software, as well as, the added benefit of an Australian Help Desk.

Datanet Enterprise Scanning Modules available are:-

The modules can be purchased singularly or as a package depending on the needs of your business.

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