Fixed RFID Solutions

The RFID Fixed Solution is a software suite, developed to leverage a number of enterprise level RFID technologies to provide a real time solution.

At the production end, fixed position RFID readers are used to capture reads though multiple antenna and return the data to the processing service via TCP/IP. The RFID Fixed Solutions multi-threaded service can communicate with large numbers of readers.

The Administration section of the RFID Fixed Solution allows for simple administration configuration of the fixed position readers. While the service component maintains constant communications with the fixed position RFID readers to ensure all data is captured and recorded as fast as possible ensuring the system is working in real time.

At the backend the RFID Fixed Solution implements a Microsoft SQL server database to manage the large volumes of data and utilises a multi-threaded processing service to manage the data communications.

A Windows form based application provides the configuration and reporting tools to manage the system. Remote MYSQL backup functionality ensures the system data is replicated for third party data services in real time, ensuring engagement with a wide variety of ERP systems.