GeoSample Mining Sample Tracking

Remove the paper-based recording system for blast-hole, drilling and sample information at the drill site with Datanet’s GeoSample tracking solution.

By utilising Datanet’s pre-barcoded mining sample bags and GeoSample tracking solution running on a Motorola handheld computer with integrated barcode scanner, drillers can now be directed to which hole to drill in sequence, and whilst drilling can record hole depth, lithology type and ground conditions, and ultimately record this information against the barcode on the sample bag.

The GeoSample tracking solution ensures that the exact information is tracked against the exact sample bag the ground sample was placed in.

The GeoSample tracking solution:

  • Removes the risk of losing or mixing up sample bags and hand written sample records
  • Allows drill managers to define when a field duplicate sample is taken
  • Records all the ground conditions and hole information at drill time
  • Allows for consistent and accurate data to flow easily from drill location to the lab
  • Defines blast patterns for drillers
  • Records blast-hole data such as blast ID, hole number, lithology, alteration, oxidation, depth and much more

Datanet consultants have extensive experience in the mining industry and are able to assist in automating data collection.