Mobile RFID Solutions

The RFID Mobile Solution is a software suite developed to run on handheld devices with RFID capabilities.

RFID Mobile is built on the Microsoft .Net Framework and ensures that the full functionality of the handheld terminal is utilised when developing an RFID system e.g. barcode scanners, SD storage, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi and user access restrictions.

All communications from the mobile RFID device to our back-end system is achieved via TCP/IP and Web Services. Communications are compressed and encrypted to ensure the minimal network traffic either over 3G or via an Ethernet cradle. The mobile devices implement their own Microsoft embedded SQL CE database to allow operations to seamlessly continue when network connections are not available. Data is synchronized when the device is back within range again.

RFID Mobile solution allows for the following RFID functionality:

  • Reading & Recording RFID Tags for look-up and evaluation
  • Performing write operations to RFID tags
  • Validating RFID tag integrity

RFID Mobile Solution is recommended for the following business applications:

  • Asset Tracking and Assignment with RFID tracking
  • Asset Location Monitoring
  • Stock Taking
  • Stock Receipting
  • Recording Asset Movement either directional or point to point

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