Touch Mobile Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) Software – Business Intelligence at your Fingertips

Business intelligence has never been more crucial than in today’s fast paced environment where everything is required immediately.

Time delays in invoicing due to mistakes, missing data and dual handling can be costly and detrimental to cash flow.

The Business Process Management Software (BPM) available from Datanet brings transparency to business data and information in real time.

Today every business and organisation is challenged by the daunting task of managing a huge variety of asset types, operational tasks and compliance issues at the same time as being mobile and flexible.

The Touch Mobile business process management (BPM) software is designed to allow your mobile workforce to efficiently manage assets while accurately associating their operational task and complying with your businesses processes.

Multiple technologies such as GPS, barcode scanners, camera’s and handheld devices are converged into one device that can be utilised on one application, improving worker efficiency by allowing them to manage these assets at the same time as reducing overheads.

No matter how many assets and operational tasks your business has, Touch Mobile offers an easy to use, secure asset management system which guides your workers while they are performing their daily tasks.

Upon completion of these tasks, management is provided with the most complete data set available for their reporting needs.

Touch Mobile’s store and forward technology with team based propagation, enables businesses to pre-load workers devices with as many as tens of thousands of assets complete with fully encrypted historical data and images.  It is like having your entire filing cabinet in your device which remains available to the field worker at all times, even during sporadic connectivity, enabling your workforce to remain informed and prepared while spending the entire day in the field.

Touch Mobile automatically transfers all of the information, fully encrypted, back to the database for complete reporting capabilities, without the worker needing to return to the office and manually re-enter any information.

With Touch Mobile’s technology businesses can locate assets, review history and simplify tasks with the easily configurable customisable screen which gives users only the buttons they need from the start.

Every button pressed and action taken by the user is recorded with a time, date and location stamp creating better and more accurate workforce accountability reports for managers.

The configuration process is so graphic that it can be customised to early create and deploy your specific workflow for any asset type and any task in record time – sometimes in as little as one day.

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Features and Benefits of Touch Mobile

Touch Mobile provides the benefit of near real time data accessibility utilising technology that is adaptable, flexible and affordable.


The Rapid Application Configuration (RAC) utilised by Touch Mobile is a new breed of technology that allows organizations to quickly deploy enterprise class mobile applications whilst adapting to the needs of individual businesses.

Rapid Application Configuration allows non-technical programmers to configure and deploy custom applications as much as 90% faster than Rapid Application Development Platforms.


Snap-together building block components can be configured by the client or by engaging Datanet’s expert staff.

Regardless of your company’s operating system, Touch Mobile remains flexible and adaptable.

Touch Mobile is flexible and suitable for a wide array of industries including, Government, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Telecommunications, Healthcare, Security and Warehousing

Cost Effective

The decision whether to Buy, Develop or Configure meaningful business process management software raises the question of how to source and deploy.

Off-the-shelf applications generally require modification and rarely work, while developing from scratch is typically an expensive, risky and time consuming endeavor.

Touch Mobile can be customised and configured at typically 95% less than custom programming with almost none of the risk.

For further information on how Touch Mobile can be customised to meet your business needs contact your  local Datanet Expert.

Touch Mobile has been developed by Mobile Epiphany, a Denver based Mobile Solutions Developer and is fully supported throughout Australia by Datanet Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.