Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Fleet TPMS®  Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

A tyre pressure difference of just 5 psi can mean drastic increases in fuel usage, tyre and engine component wear and increased risk of blowout.


Datanet TPMS Diagram
Datanet Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for Fleet Vehicles


The benefits of the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for commercial fleet vehicle operators includes increased safety, improved fuel efficiency and reduced tyre wear, minimising the overall environmental impact.

The Fleet TPMS® has been designed specifically for fleets of commercial vehicles to provide a comprehensive, cost effective tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system.

How the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Works

Vehicles are driven over a loop antenna where a stationary reader interrogates the batteryless sensors inside of the tyres.

The reader measures the tyre pressure and also automatically identifies the vehicle number and the position of the tyres on the vehicle.

The data is then communicated to the internet via GPRS and is available on a user account, where email alerts can be set, users are also able to visualise data, define users and much more.

Several readers can be also installed to build a TPMS network at different gates or locations. An optional stationary display can be mounted after the antenna for immediate driver information.

The Fleet TPMS®Tyre Pressure Monitoring System has no sensor life time issues, no sensor programming, and no costly electrical components on your vehicle. One single reader and embedded loop antenna will monitor all your vehicles.



  • High-end Digital Signal Processor for secure and robust reading
  • Inserted antenna has no external components – can’t be damaged
  • Easy installation – GPRS
  • Operates up to 15 kmph

Web Interface

  • All information at your finger tips
  • Algorithms for leakage detection, twin tyre pressure difference and much more
  • Configurable email alerts

Identification tag

  • RFID Tag – to be programmed with vehicle ID and recommended pressure
  • IP67 – Only component to be installed on vehicle

Optional Components

  • Stationary driver display
  • Handheld Reader


TPMS Table
TPMS Table of Benefits