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The One that Got Away – Simple Solutions Solving Big Problems

Utilising Technology to Reduce Loss

We all like to tell the story about the One that Got Away, but when it comes to valuable business assets it is another story.

Datanet’s client Old Brown Dog, a wholesale fishing company, is sure to have many fishing stories however their real problem was the loss of tubs used to deliver freshly caught fish to their clients and the unsustainable expenses incurred due to ongoing losses and high failure to return rates.

Datanet configured their Enterprise Scanning Platform to track the assignment and delivery of tubs to customers through the use of a simple barcode tracking system.  The software verifies tubs that are outstanding and the replacement cost is then on-charged to the client.

Datanet’s Enterprise Scanning Platform has the added benefit of capturing the number of fish in tubs so that a delivery docket can be supplied with the delivery to the end client.

The daily working environment meant that the product device selected to run the software needed to be rugged and reliable. Old Brown Dog selected the Motorola MC9500 Mobile Computer for its rugged design and functionality.  With an IP67 sealing the Motorola MC9500 was an obvious choice.

Datanet worked closed with Old Brown Dog to provide a Bar Code Inventory System  that was simple, scalable and cost effective.

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