RFID Waste Bin Tracking

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Project – To design and implement a RFID system to track and record the directional movement of over 5000 waste bins and shipping containers across the state of Western Australia encompassing eight defined operational locations both remote and metro based.

Implementation Overview – The Datanet RFID team worked to select the correct RFID tags and both RFID mobile and RFID fixed readers were selected from the suitable vendor.  Tags were encoded, validated and paired ready for installation.  RFID site surveys were performed to identify RFID reader locations, power, communication and civil work requirements.  Due to the remote locations and lack of infrastructure, a fully managed solar powered solution was designed to support the fixed position RFID readers, 3G communications.

Software Module

The RFID – Mobile Module was customised to capture the assignment of tags to bin types to build an asset file.  Additional modules on the mobile readers allowed for the manual directional tracking of assets and the servicing of assets.

The RFID – Fixed Module provided the read functionality which received valid reads from the fixed position RFID readers.  The reporting functionality built into the RFID – Fixed Module catered for management reporting on all asset movements, with the synchronisation tools in place to export data to the customers ERP system.

Software Development – Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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