Touch Mobile – Boulder Case Study

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The City of Boulder, Colorado saves over 80 hours of work per month and their annual report takes minutes not weeks to prepare since implementing Touch Mobile.

The City of Boulder, Colorado engaged Mobile Epiphany in 2009 with the aim to implement an all-in-one solution that could be used across multiple departments.

The challenge for the Public Works department was how to systemise and customise work flow processes and data collection in a meaningful, user friendly way that ensured employee uptake of the new system.

For example, on average an inspector would spend 2 hours per day manually re-entering data that had been collected in the field. Inspectors had different processes, reports would be missing information and were difficult to decipher. Every year it would take over 2 weeks to compile the data into a yearly report to the state of Colorado head office.

Touch Mobile ensures that best practice processes are followed, allows for the storing of geospatial information, reduces the number of devices carried by inspectors (all duties can be performed on a single mobile device) and has improved the quality of data that is collected.

For a copy of the full case study simply email Steve Jenkins.