Transport and Logistics

Accelerate productivity, profitability, operational efficiencies and increase revenue opportunities with the implementation of an enterprise mobility solution.

Transportation and logistics companies are well aware that the accuracy of information is critical for profitable operations and customer satisfaction. Datanet offers tailored road, railway and maritime cargo solutions for these constantly changing environments by combining mobile computers, advanced data capture and wireless technology.

Transport and Logistic Solutions

Datanet can assist in:

  • Capture and maintain data about freight, vehicles, deliveries and workers in real time
  • Speed delivery processes and maximize productivity by automating tasks and eliminating paperwork
  • Cut out paper-based processes by using advanced data capture technologies to automatically track your freight throughout the delivery process
  • Enhance security by maintaining more accurate, paperless records
  • Make better-informed vehicle maintenance decisions that optimize performance, reduce downtime and lower spare-parts inventory
  • Keep your customers and partners informed about the status of their freight to reduce supply chain disruptions

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