Datanet and Datalogic Partnership

Datanet is a Datalogic Authorised Reseller

About Datalogic

Datalogic is a globally recognized world leader in the Automatic Data Capture market.  Datalogic is one of the market leaders supplying data capture products such as the Pegaso & J-Series PDAs, used mainly for Warehousing, Field Force Automation and Retail In-Store Solutions.

Datalogic Company Information

Datalogic was founded by Romano Volta in 1972 and has been on the Italian stock exchange since 2001.

Datalogic focuses on two specific markets:  Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation, managing operations through two dedicated divisions which are supported by the Business Development Division.

Datalogic Product Selection

Datalogic product solutions are available for Barcode Scanning.

For further information about Datalogic visit the Datalogic website.