Omni ID

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About Omni ID

Omni-ID is the original inventor and patent-holder of the on-metal tag and the e-label solution, ProVIEW.  In 2012, Omni-ID produced and launched the world’s first visual tagging system – providing not only the ability to track assets; but dynamic, readable instructions right on the tage, completely changing the auto-identification industry landscape.

Omni ID Company Information

Omni-ID began as a research and development team formed in the 1990’s with QinetiQ, an international defence and security technology company.  The team was charged with exploring and challenging the boundaries of RFID.  The result was a groundbreaking technological improvement – passive UHF RFID tags that provide near perfect accuracy in harsh environments, including in the presence of metals and liquids. This represented a fundamental shift in the way the RFID tags were viewed and broadly expanded the practical use applications.

Omni ID Product Selection

Omni ID specialise in RFID Tags.

For further information about Omni ID visit the Omni ID website.