Warehouse and Distribution

Improve inventory positions, lower operating costs, increase margins and enhance customer satisfaction.

Knowing that the efficiency of the many warehouse functions and integration of related information are critical, many warehouse and distribution companies have realized that using the right technology can mean the difference between profit and loss. Leading Australian companies trust Datanet in providing the customized solution for the specialized operations they were looking for.

Datanet can help you:

  • Manage warehouse inventory information with our advanced scanners and mobile computers or radio frequency identification (RFID) technology enabling your workers real-time access to data for better control of inventory
  • Keep inventory data accurate and up-to-date from the moment the warehouse receives products until the moment they leave the shipping dock
  • Enable inventory to flow through your warehouse more quickly and efficiently and increase inventory turns
  • Reduce inventory and better utilize space by knowing what you have and what is on order at any time
  • Know the exact location of your inventory in the warehouse
  • Decrease inventory-handling costs, as well as the time it takes to ship goods to customers
  • Eliminate errors, improve accuracy and simplify compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Increase satisfaction of your customers by responding quickly to their demands and delivering accurate orders on schedule
  • Offer your customers value-added services such as customer-specific package and shipping labeling

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