Zebra IQ Colour Label

Zebra IQ Colour Labels

Zebra IQ Colour Labels brings Intelligence to Printing

Streamline operations and reduce errors and cost by printing Colour on Demand by Zebra.

The IQ Technology enables you to print visual queues without the need to change label rolls, increasing productivity and reducing the cost of multiple colour labels in stock while automating processes.

Zebra IQ – How it Works

Select areas to be printed in colour with invisible thermal ink.  You can choose three colours in addition to standard black thermal printing.

When required, run the label through the printer as normal and the heat in the colour zones activates the thermal ink to reveal your messages and/or images.

Watch the Video Demonstration Below

Customise your needs with the Zebra IQ Colour Printer

During label manufacturing, Zebra applies invisible ink colours to the zones you designate.  Your printer heat-activates the ink to make selected colours visible as your application requires.  It can reveal the colour in the form of shapes, text, graphics or reverse images.

Typical Applications for IQ Color include:

Healthcare: Lab, specimen and pharmacy labelling – visual guides to prioritise orders.

Transportation and Logistics: Instructions for sorting, inventory management and shipping (eg. to expedite services)

Manufacturing: Quality Control, Work in Progress

Retail:  Shelf labels to highlight sales or product attibutes