ToolHound™ Inventory & Tool Management

Toolhound provides a powerful Tool and Inventory Management System that enables construction, maintenance and repair organisations to gain control of their tools and inventory management

Why Toolhound

Toolhound allows organisation to recognise significant cost savings and benefit from operating efficiencies as a result of effective, easy to use monitoring, tracking and locating of valuable assets.

The total ROI of a Tool Management System can be measured by assessing: –

  • Replacement cost of lost tools and assets;
  • Loss of productivity when tools and machinery cannot be located;
  • Cost of poorly calibrated tools (damage to machinery, additional down time due to increased maintenance requirements);
  • Lost staff time to find and locate tools.

An effective tool management program enables companies to gain a better understanding of their tools and equipment, schedule tool maintenance and calibration, identify critical & commonly used tools, ultimately saving money and reducing costs.

Developed for single location and multi-location companies, Toolhound is a robust, scalable application that manages the movement, usage and location of your inventory.

Utilising bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, Toolhound provides a quick and effective checkout and return system for equipment, tools and supplies, complete inventory management, and automated maintenance scheduling. Toolhound improves your bottom line by accurately and efficiently managing your mobile assets.

Toolhound uses the flexibility of the Internet or your corporate Intranet to allow asset visibility in all your locations and since it is browser-based, less IT support is required.

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Increase cost savings

  • Lower insurance premiums as a result of reduced stolen equipment claims;
  • Automated monitoring of inventory levels reduces stock outs and resulting costs incurred in maintenance overruns;
  • Unnecessary repurchasing of inventory is decreased by eliminating hoarding of expensive tools and equipment.

Improve operating efficiencies

  • Mobile data collectors reduce data entry errors, improve issue/return transaction time and decrease time spent counting inventory;
  • Monitor and schedule maintenance and calibration requirements to ensure equipment is in good condition and not replaced prematurely;
  • Tool, equipment and supply charges for each job are easily tracked;
  • Tool kitting provides a quick method of issuing/returning assets as a set using one bar code or RFID tag.

Gain overall peace of mind

  • Safer working practices and reduced company liability are gained by tracking employee certification of specialised tools;
  • Employee accountability increases as assignment of equipment is monitored;
  • Detailed inventory reports are easily created for law enforcement to expedite identification of recovered items.

Achieve maximum revenue potential

  • History reports account for excess and obsolete items, allowing you to liquidate underutilised inventory;
  • Inventory tracking reduces high operating costs and capital investment, and ensures maximum utilisation of assets.

Quick, easy-to-use issue and return system

  • Utilises bar code and RFID wireless or batch data collectors;
  • Transmits and receives data through wireless communication;
  • Provides quick look-up of inventory items and transaction history;
  • Uses tool kitting to track a group of assets using one ID number;
  • Tracks employee certification of specialized tools;
  • Tracks employee, issue location, date, time, issuer, work order/job cost code for each transaction.

Complete inventory management

  • Tracks serialised, non-serialised and consumable inventories at multiple locations;
  • Transfers inventory easily between storage locations;
  • Tracks asset utilisation and performance;
  • Manages system access according to user groups and assigns individual passwords to each user.

Automated monitoring of inventory levels

  • Warns the operator when the inventory level for a scanned item is low;
  • Generates purchase orders when inventory levels drop below a minimum level;
  • Faxes or emails purchase orders directly to selected suppliers.

Automated maintenance and calibration scheduling

  • Schedules and tracks an unlimited number of service tasks for preventative maintenance – generates and tracks work orders based on service tasks.
  • Tracks service due by time intervals, by the number of uses, or by a mileage/meter reading.
  • Generates reports for service due, outstanding repairs, meter readings, maintenance histories and much more.

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