WASP Inventory Cloud

Performing scan-intensive inventory audits just got much easier. Track inventory on iOS, Android or Wasp mobile computer devices.

Maintain accurate stock counts, reduce errors, and avoid time consuming manual entry of items, location bins, pick orders, and inventory receiving. Real-time inventory reports allow you to compile and analyse essential data, like transactions by site or warehouse, itemized inventory levels by SKU, or individual customer purchase order history.

Automatic low stock level notifications ensure you will never lose out on another sale due to stockouts. Set automatic re-order points down to each bin location and preferred vendors for each inventoried item.

Ultimate Mobility and Centralized Real-Time Data

InventoryCloud allows you to receive notifications of events such as low inventory levels, expiring items, late orders, checked-out items past due, and more. These alerts can pop up in the application as well sent out via e-mail. InventoryCloud’s notification engine allows you to set custom triggers and avoid unnecessary stockouts.

InventoryCloud delivers a high-degree of flexibility in the management of product units of measure. Your organization can define global and product-specific unit of measure conversions that allow you to operate on your terms and the math conversion is handle by our software.

Take advantage of accurate, real-time customizable inventory reports. Wasp InventoryCloud allows you to build reports based on your individual needs. Wasp allows you to maximize your control and make data-driven decisions based on accurate reports.

Set Tiers and Automate Price Changes

Have overstock of an item or a customer set that needs special pricing? Setting up and managing pricing tiers is just a click away and allows you to ditch manual calculation and automates and tracks all pricing changes.

Keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations, anywhere in the world. Take advantage of inventory visibility to boost efficiency. With the iOS and Android applications combined with the web based reporting managing inventory effectively has never been easier.

Intelligent Tracking of Containers

License plating or containers is a method for grouping and managing inventory by container. You decide what constitutes a container. Pallets, product cartons, trucks or ocean freight boxes can all be a container, which simplifies managing logistics and tracking of key information for a group of items.

Having software that defines fields that doesn’t fit your business is no longer an issue. Setting up and defining every field to fit your business is quick and easy. This allows you to reduce training time and employees no longer have to interpret field names.

Download the attached brochure for further details and to identify which version is best suited to your organisation.

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